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How do I win?

Just like the name suggests, if you hit your golf ball into one of the two golf holes then you win.

How much do I win?

For the standard sized hole the prize is £1000 to £10,000 (depending on distance). For the large hole the prize is different in every location: a cash prize + golf related prize + adventure experience.

How many holes are there?

There are 2 holes; one uk standard sized hole and one large hole (15cm diameter). Both with uk standard flag pins and cups.

How much does it cost?

20 balls = £20

8 balls = £10

3 balls = £5

1 ball = £2

Why is the prize not always 10k? It is called the 10k hole in one challenge after all!

To make it fun for all levels of golfers...and non golfers. The further away we move the hole, the harder it is to get a hole in one, the higher the prize money. For the majority of the time, we'll keep it close so that everyone has a chance and just hope that Tiger Woods doesn't show up and bankrupt us. Always £1000 minimum prize!

Where is the 10k hole in one challenge?

We tour golf courses and driving ranges all over the UK. Locations and dates are released via our website and instagram.

How do I know if it goes in?

We have 2 live view cameras filming the holes, just so there's no doubt!

How large is the green?

8 foot by 8 foot

Do you accept card?

Yes, we accept cash and card (contactless/apple pay also)

What happens if the ball bounces out?

The hole (cup, pin, size) is exactly the same as one you would find on a golf course and exactly like the rules of golf, if it doesn't stay in the hole then it doesn't count. Hopefully this never happens but it would probably be the most brutal lip-out of your golfing career, so maybe we'll buy you a pint in the clubhouse.

Do you have any golf clubs to rent?

Yes we have a few right and left handed irons and wedges for you to borrow if needs be.

Any rules I need to follow?

Just keep up your pace of play to a reasonable standard (like a golf course). 20 balls is the maximum you can play in a day. We like to keep it fun and we felt that £20 is probably the sweet spot. Also secretly we don't want the club pro's to hit 100's of balls and bankrupt us. Lastly, enjoy the challenge and good luck!

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